"Women from a very early age are thought to look their best while men are thought to get up and go with few exceptions. As we fight and advance gender equality, we must remember to liberate men. Men are multifaceted, complex, vulnerable, yet strong! Sylvian Hyde represents all the intricacies of the contemporary man. He is still a protector, a provider, he is strong, reliable, he is still masculine. Men today want greater access and participation in fashion to feel sexy and express his sexuality without rebuke. He wants the freedom to explore new roles, ideas, and interests. Because of the need and desires of the contemporary man, it was imperative that we created a line versatile enough to incubate and

liberate men."   - Sylvian J. Hyde 




 Sylvian Hyde empowers men to discover and express a new facet of a man and his wardrobe by innovating menswear traditions and rules of fashion. Designed in

New York, produced in the United States. Sylvian Hyde is an online digital flagship. The hallmark of Sylvian Hyde is his Central American roots the home to the great ancient Maya civilizations, and an eclectic palate merged with contemporary tailoring. Ready-To-Wear collections and exclusive limited edition releases are available. 



Founded by Sylvian Hyde, a Central American Political Asylee in 2017, SYLVIAN HYDE reflects his own personal style, character, background, and experiences. Every collection reveals a contemporary eclectic design aesthetic that when combined reveal new facets of manhood and the wardrobe itself.

Designed and Produced in


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